Alexander Ross
Växjö, Sweden
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Alexander Ross

Project leader, Developer

Hard core Ruby and Javascript developer that loves to make the customer and end user happy.


  • Ruby on Railsguru
  • Angular JSguru
  • JavaScriptguru
  • Web developmentguru
  • Rubyguru
  • SCSSexpert
  • CSSexpert
  • PHPexpert
  • HTMLexpert
  • jQueryexpert
  • Ios developmentexpert
  • PostgreSQLgood
  • Project managementgood
  • Swiftgood
  • RubyMotiongood
  • MySQLgood


Web Developer at Standout AB


Co-owner and full stack web developer focusing on solutions to add value to clients business. Applications I write will mostly be in Ruby or JavaScript.


Alexander combines great programming skills, a curiosity for new things and understanding of business goals to deliver great web apps. This is a person you can trust to deliver some really good stuff and communicate effectively during the process.
David Elbe, Standout AB2014-09-05


Company register for Municipalities

When i got involved in this project it was running ruby 1.8 and rails 2 on production. I've been a part of the upgrade to ruby 1.9 and rails 3 and also implemented a new hierarchy called regions. Municipalities can now collaborate and have a shared registry list under one region.


When I first got involved in this project it was a regular Ruby on Rails application with a bit jQuery code in the front end. We have since that day refactored a lot of the Ruby code in the backend and added a lot of features to make projekt planning, task managment and invoicing much easier. The front end has been rewritten to an AngularJS app which talks to the backend with mostly JSON.

KUB (Kvalitetssäkrad utbildning)

KUB have been developed under a good and close collaboration with the client to provide apprentices the best opportunity for a quality education. I have led the project forward as a full stack developer and taken care of server management, back end and front end. The front end is written with AngularJS with talks to the Ruby on Rails backend through JSON.


Socket is a portal for internet casinos. It's main purpose is to combine multiple game providers and other web services in one single hub. This makes it easier for the client to integrate the services they like in there gaming platform both on the web or in an mobile or desktop app.

Tutored students PHP at Växjö Yrkeshögskola

As a teacher I tutored the students in object oriented PHP and help them achieve there goals and requirements for the grade they where trying to get.


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